June 3, 2022

The Science of Children’s Memory

Dr. Lynne Baker-Ward, Professor Psychology, has been on the faculty of the Department of Psychology at NC State University since 1985. She was also one of MY professors when I attended N.C. State in the early 90s. 

Much of her work has examined the age-related cognitive changes that affect children’s capacities to provide testimony in legal proceedings, and the ways in which alternative approaches to the management of child witnesses affect the accuracy and completeness of young children’s reports of their experiences. 

Read more of her bio here: https://chass.ncsu.edu/people/lbward/

In this episode we discuss her research into children's memory, active learning, how we become responsible for our own learning,  how we can support our children’s reporting of events, ways to approach our children when we are seeking to understand, and the variation in recall based on a child’s age and so much more.

Other things discussed:

"Counting our Wins" Dr. Rick Hanson


Negativity Bias


Dr. Keith Conners and the MTA Study of ADHD


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