November 1, 2021

When Did You Know?

This 2nd episode of the Let 'em go Barefoot podcast is a compilation of stories from five mothers across the United States and Canada answering the question, "When did you know the traditional schooling model was not right for your family?" 

Several moms have a background in education, including teaching in public schools, but as you will hear, their teaching experience does not make them feel more qualified to homeschool. If anything, it encouraged them to take the leap because of what they witnessed in the classroom setting. 

Each mother brings much to the table with their insights and experiences of living and learning with their children. To hear more from each family, links are below to follow along. (In order of appearance.) 

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Erin on Instagram @ever.learning  & on the web at

Nicole on Instagram @book.led.learning

Heesun on Instagram @mozeyingalong

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August 31, 2021

Let Shifts Happen

In this first episode of the Let 'em go Barefoot podcast, I have a conversation with my son about his experiences as a (mostly) lifelong unschooler. We discuss common misconceptions about self-directed education and reflect on his K-12 learning journey. He offers insights on parenting and education that drive home the importance of a parent's presence and respect for each child's unique unfolding. We also have a little fun at the end with a few questions of "Would You Rather?" and he ends with some great advice for parents, whether you homeschool or not.

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Misconceptions about Self-directed Education - Let 'em go Barefoot (


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