August 12, 2022

The Right Side of Normal with Cindy Gaddis PART 2

Cindy Gaddis is back with even more amazing insights about right-brained dominant people. (You can find our first conversation in Episode 12 where she gives her backstory and lays the foundation for her research and the book she wrote, The Right Side of Normal: Understanding and Honoring the Natural Learning Path for Right-Brained Children.)

In this almost two-hour long powerhouse episode, we cover a lot more ground and dig deeper into her work covering topics such as:

  • the importance of finding mentors
  • the three-year learning cycle/stages
  • power of observation
  • the collaborative learning process,
  • the 60/30/10 principle,
  • challenging the standard school model’s scope and sequence for formal learning,
  • looking at dyslexia and autism through a right-brained dominant lens,
  • living with a right-brain dominant person (sensitivity and emotions),
  • and we even tap into how brain dominance impacts our adult relationships! (Could she save your marriage?)

Throughout our conversation, Cindy provides a ton of examples so I’m positive you will see yourself, your spouse, and/or your children in many of the things she discusses. This episode is bound to help you understand each other better and hopefully will inspire you to offer grace to your loved ones when they don’t do things quite like you. Maybe people are not being inconsiderate or uncaring, maybe it’s simply that their brain processes information differently than yours!

Links for Cindy’s work:

The Right Side of Normal: Understanding and Honoring the Natural Learning Path for Right-Brained Children

Cindy’s unschooling “process”:

Chart for the Natural Learning Development for Right-Brained Children:

Post for Dyslexia:


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