September 15, 2022

Supporting Our Teens with Karla Marie Williams

Karla Marie Williams is an author, a speaker, and global advocate of children and families. In this episode, we discuss her transition to homeschooling, then unschooling, with her six children and focus on the ideas and insights she shares in her book, Teens Unleashed

Some things we discussed:

  • PUP- Periodic Unschooling Panic
  • What parents can do to support their kids
  • Reframing math, reading, and writing as “life skills”
  • Addressing the question, "Do some kids need more structure?"
  • The 5 Pillars of learning
  • “Doing nothing” (hint: it all counts!)
  • Setting goals, retooling, reassessing, and processing
  • Finding mentors
  • Be aware of how you value your children’s interests

And so much more!

Follow along on Karla's adventures on Instagram @karlatheunschoolingmama Facebook, YouTube, and her website

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